The Meissner Lop    





   This extremely rare Lop is characterised by the silver ticking in its very dense coat. our Standard recognises Black,Brown, Blue and Yellow, In size it is not as big as the English Lop nor as bulky as the French Lop, probably best compared with the German Lop. With the density of its coat, the Meissner is best kept outside or it may go into a permanent state of moult.     

     Bred in eastern Germany by Leo Reck, (Karl Leopold Friedrich Reck) he crossed  English  &  French Lops with a Silver Breed of Rabbit he first produced a silver coloured Rabbit with Lop ears around 1900, it was another 6 years before the Meissner Lop first came to the table, exhibited in Leipzig in 1906, this was a black rabbit which soon set the Standard.

    Mr Neupold also from Meiszen went on to develop this breed in Blue, Brown & Yellow.  Since then this breed as spread throughout Europe, being accepted into all standards. Today there are very few breeders of the Meissner Lop, and in the UK they rarely come to the table for showing. 

                 Blue                             Yellow                           Brown



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